The End of the Age of Photography – The Conclusion

It is five years since The End of the Age of Photography first appeared on on Oct 20, 2007. It was also delivered as at a symposium at Stanford University, where Muybridge created much of his Animals in Motion. This is the Fourth and final installment. The End of the Age of Photography – … Continue reading


The credo of, which was created twelve years ago, includes the words “Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed”. On July 24 this blog praised NYC as “the finest definition of our Democracy.” One month later, in NYC Occupy Wall Street created a living heart in … Read more

The End of the Age of Photography (Pt. III)

The Girl with the Rolleiflex meets the Homeless Man. A young woman was walking down a wide Chicago street looking for something to photograph, hanging at her side, held in her fist, was a Rolleiflex with a 2.8, 80mm lens. She held it this way, partly to hide it and partly to have it ready … Continue reading


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