What’s Happening

On Thursday January 9, Danny Lyon will appear with Julian Bond and speak at the National Geographic Magazine in Washington DC. He will also show his new 9 minute Digital Video, two years in the making,”Nothing”. On Saturday, January 11, Lyon will open a show of murals and new work at the Edwynn Houk Gallery … Continue reading

American Heros

Martin Luther King – Life without Parole John Lewis – Three life sentences Julian Bond – Thirty years, isolation unit Malcolm X – Death James Forman – Fifty years, Conspiracy Diane Nash – Life Fannie Lou Hammer – Twenty-Five years Bradley Manning – Forty years, isolation Edward Snowden – Death, changed to Life without Parole, … Continue reading

Danny Lyon films on DVD

The complete films are now available on DVD for purchase with Pay Pal. Most are $23. Institutional purchase is $100. Scenes from each film are now live at bleakbeauty  http://www.bleakbeauty.com/film.html

Deep Sea Diver: Danny Lyon in China, 2005-2009

Gambling is Illegal in Shanxi, Loufan

Beginning with an invitation as an “honored guest” at the 2005 Ping Yao Photo Festival, Lyon left the walls of the ancient city to photograph an opera, presented on a raised wooden platform to the mostly older residents. That led to six trips to China, all to Shanxi, a highly polluted coal producing province in the Northwest Corner, bordering outer Mongolia … Read more

Definitions of Democracy, part Two

The purpose of Democracy is Democracy In part One of this thought, posted a couple years ago, the streets of NYC were praised as among the highest examples of Democracy in the history of man. A few weeks after, having nothing to do with the blog, Occupy moved into Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. (An … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Robert Frank

Robert Frank spoke no english when in 1947 he landed in New York City at the age of twenty three, and sitting at lunch counters on Broadway would order pies, which he could see on display on the counter, by pointing at them. By 1959 he would publish a book of photographs, first in France, … Continue reading

There goes New York

The sea level was supposed to rise “in a hundred years”. Then on Monday it happened. Manhattan island had a world record thirteen feet of water above the high tide level come up and over the southern wall into Battery Park, a few hundred yards from the headquarters of Goldman Sachs. Manhattan island, the Athens … Continue reading

The End of the Age of Photography – The Conclusion

It is five years since The End of the Age of Photography first appeared on bleakbeauty.com on Oct 20, 2007. It was also delivered as at a symposium at Stanford University, where Muybridge created much of his Animals in Motion. This is the Fourth and final installment. The End of the Age of Photography – … Continue reading

Juan’s Children Stay in Amerika

It is not often that we awake to good news from our government. Like Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation, President Obama has given protection from deportation to a million young immigrants inside our borders, most of them Mexicans. And he did it from within a government, that other than killing people and collecting taxes, hasn’t … Continue reading

Juan Stays Home

“I am glad juans mom died . I hope he dies in beanerville. You too wetback asskisser.” Here is a comment this blog just received. It is almost poetic, as if these were lines in a play by Jean Genet, perhaps delivered by a small white prisoner, handcuffed in his cell, as he were about … Continue reading


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