Richard B Woodward’s Analysis of Danny Lyon’s work in the Texas Prisons

The dominoes players, Walls Unit, Texas Department of Corrections.

Richard B Woodward has published a interesting analysis of Danny Lyon’s work in the Texas Prison. Woodward’s writing follows: “The career of Danny Lyon, soon to be retrospected at the Whitney Museum of American Art, has been bumpier than his current Old Master status would indicate. When he began taking pictures in the 1960s, the … Continue reading

Lyon to receive the Lucie Award in documentary photography “Conversations with the Dead” has been re-issued after 45 years by Phaidon. A remarkable facimile edition has been produced by Sue Medlicott and Nerissa Vales working with Phaidon and will be available at the Houk Gallery in nyc.  There is a signing at Houk at 6pm on Sept 9, and at the Strand in … Continue reading

Julian Bond

    A Generation is Vanishing   The sudden loss of Julian Bond is stunning and historic. One of the founders of the SNCC, the late James Forman recruited him for SNCC when he saw from his resume that Julian was a journalism major.   Eighteen months later I was also recruited by Forman because of … Continue reading

Charleston Church Shootings

I am listening to Mahalia Jackson. Never since the struggle to overthrow segregation in the South has there been such an endless stream of grim racial headlines. The lynching of Emmitt Till, the murder of the Maryland postman William Moore, the bombing of the Freedom Riders’ bus, the bombing   of the 16th Street Baptist Church, … Continue reading

Prison Escape

The escape of two inmates from New York State’s Dannemora Prison has received much national coverage. We love to read about prison escapes because we like prison escapes. Why? Is it our once beloved “root for the underdog” mindset? Is it  the sheer drama of two “murderers, nitwits, lowlife’s, lifers, etc’s” ability to out do all the massive … Continue reading

Black Folks Run

    The murder of Mr Walter Scott, a fifty-year-oldcoast guard veteran, father and Born Again Christian, by an on duty officer of the law in Summerville, South Carolina fills us with horror and shame.  It’s as if the dark side of America, the cancer that supported the enslavement of Africans, that raped American Indians and murdered them wholesale in their villages, that killed … Continue reading

A SNCC Photographer reviews “Selma”

      James Agee wrote that mediocre films are alot more interesting to discuss than great ones.   “Selma” is a very stimulating film but not a very good one. Made by the director Ava DuVernay , it was her first chance to make a big budget film, a very ambitious film, and in that … Continue reading

“Kill The Koch Brothers” a grade school play

“Kill The Koch Brothers” a grade school play This blog is posted in honor of the United Nations Summit on climate change in Lima, Peru. I was seated in the front row of the theater at the Lab School of the University of Chicago anxiously awaiting the start of the Thanksgiving play when I was … Continue reading

Climate March, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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New commentary on The Bikeriders Out in Guernica Magazine. Outlaw’s Territory by Rebecca Bengal – Disregarding Hunter S. Thompson’s advice, Danny Lyon set off to “record and glorify the life of the American bikerider.”

The Great Climate March


The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was a less than exciting name also. No one could say it. No one could remember it. But the SNCC has gone down in history as one of our great moments, and one of the great grass routes organizing groups in history.    So when the Great Climate Marchers ( arrived … Continue reading

Considering Ethics

Misplaced: ethics and the photographs of Vivian Maier by Kevin Coffee


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