Where can the films be found?

All films are on separate cassettes with individual covers. Films on VHS are $99.00 each with $3.00 shipping for the first film and $1.00 for each additional film. The complete set of ten films, twenty years of Lyon’s work in 16 mm film, on ten separate cassettes is $900.00 plus $10.00 shipping. Available only by check to Bleak Beauty, 67 Barclay Road, Clintondale, NY 12515. Please include your UPS address. There are no VHS rentals of these films available from Bleak Beauty.

Other sources of some of these films are the Public Library in Sante Fe, New Mexico, the film collection of MOMA in NYC, Facets Video in Chicago, the Donnell Public Library in NYC, Kim’s Video in NYC and the film collection at Paris Audio Visual (Museum de la Photographie — MEP) in Paris.


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